Quack Quack and Quack Quack! Loka CC vs Mezica CC

Quack Quack and Quack Quack!
Loka CC vs Mezica CC

After losing two Finals against MCC (Mezica Cricket Club) It was must win and result was as we expected. MCC won the toss and elected to batt first, it was right decision because they had top 5 IN Form batsman and MCC had scored 386 in Last game against Zabarji CC and almost 300 against BKCC and won both games with big margins but this time opposition was bit different.

This time Young Gun (Aniket) is not going to attack plan has changed in captain head, lets go with experience bowlers with pace off (Sajjid and Raj) , Here is new tactics to make batsman out of focus wd wd wd wd . . wd . 1 . W , no surprise, proved enough to be shitty bowler for batsman after 5 wides and 1 single ( the most successful bowler so far Mr. Sajjid) other opener Niyazi took him easy as he proved and went to hit Six on the first ball but it was the beauty and batsman had to depart after getting bowled on the first ball ( Golden Duck) .
Then Pamir joined Primoz, both got hundreds in last game they were looking quite comfortable against Raj and Sajjid although they were bowling good but score board was ticking and looking good for Mezica then obviously it was time to bring somthing different from one END and captain brought Young gun Aniket and he did the same wd wd …. took 8, 9 balls to come in rhythm and lovely inswinger to Pamir and gave wanted wicket to team with one more bowled.
Helooo ,Still danger man Primoz, who got 192* and 100 in last 3 weeks is on crease and looking solid but our young gun is proving him self and showing his class in bowling after getting another wicket of Primoz. he took both batsman who got 100s in last games, Job done dear Aniket well bowled now have a bit rest
Wickets were falling but Runs were ticking because SLCC were giving extras (Who will give the most extra he will get free Pizza )
After Niyaz, Primoz, Pamir and Maiwand , Aman took responsibility from one end and played inning of 42 Runs which helped to put reasonable score on board plus his partner was SLCC Extra (22 Overs 55 Extra) . Final scored was 145/All Out in 22 overs.

SLCC started inning with Ayyaz and x Vice Captain Rajesh, both looked good and made partnership of 48 Runs against good bowling then Rajesh was in hurry to take flight to Germany and depart after getting 29 on 22 balls (Niyazi bowled him on a lovely ball).
Stylish batsman Ramanjot joined crease and took control of the game in seconds (5 Fours on 8 balls), his batting is lovely to watch from other end and You can watch him all day if he batt but no he is always in hurry, this is not a first time His class is like typical Indian batsman but Running is worse than Inzimam-ul-Haq. he faced 22 balls and got 36 runs then depart after getting bowled while playing shitty short.
Game was totally in control of Loka, It was 95 runs on board when second wicket fall in 12th Over. Ashish joined party and it was perfect time to knock batt partnership was going good between Ayyaz and Ashish then Ayyaz decided to retire and Tomaz joined the party with Ashish, it was asked to stay long on crease but both batsman was in hurry to finish, SLCC finished the game with hitting 4 and won comprehensively with 8 wickets against such a good team.
Well played guys it was great team effort (y)