Club history

Loka Cricket club was formed way back in the year 2009 with a simple purpose of providing a training ground and competing possibilities for young kids coming from their primary schools. Its sole purpose was Slovenian youth development but later we found a few senior players that haven’t played for years and were more then willing to join us. Amongst them there were guys from Pakistan and India, a few green horns that have never played cricket before but were dying to give it a go. Since we are in Slovenia everyone brought a few family members along and after we realized it we had a decent team that was prepared to compete on national level.

And so we did … in our first official match at the end of 2010 season against the oldest existing cricket club in Slovenia we won the game in our last over. The rest was literary history. We went on winning our Slovenian league matches and eventually became national champions in the season of 2011. All this was achieved mostly by training regularly but also by forming a small community around the club celebrating cultural diversity and friendship. After all this is why we all started playing this beautiful game of cricket and this is also why to this day we are the fastest growing cricket club in Slovenia. If you feel like meeting new people and having a go at this wonderful sport do not hesitate to contact us.